Intuition, it’s what’s for breakfast.

I have this weird intuition. I may not know why something is screwy, but I know it is. I understand it, but I didn’t put any effort in understanding it. (“It” can be anything, delaying a purchase because I feel something will so on sale, knowing where my golf ball will go just because I felt it would go there, hitting a 30 minute run at Craps because I felt good about the shooter – this one is my husbands favorite) It’s like my friend Brad, owner of Naborz Bicycle Repair would say, “I can smell a lie like a fart in a car.”

That gut instinct is important. Ignore it and you’ll wish later you didn’t. Listen to it and people might think you’re a little crazy. (or a lot depending on how crazy your gut instinct is or if it involves Tiger Blood or something).

How fast does your gut take to tell you something? 3 seconds? That’s about how much time a website has to make an impression that sticks. And if their impression of your site is not good, it translates into how thyey think about your business, (and let’s not even talk about NOT having a site. If that gut instinct tells them to click away, then it’s over. A potential customer is lost.

I can help you keep those customers interested, after all, I got you to read my blog right?


Let’s talk.

People are not talking about.  And if they are, (good step BTW, you’re half way to a sale!) then they are passing judgment on you.

We get trained really young to believe that every judgment is about us.  But really, you are not that important.  Sorry, none of us are. Unless…. you make your self that important.

Thanks for the pep talk Meaghan, real genius to state the obvious. But how do I make myself important?

If you’re more talented than your completion, (which we know that already!) than show it. Dress the part.  Put on a little make-up and curl your hair.  (Or for the guys, never under estimate the power of clean clothes that fit you well and shoes that don’t look like they were run over by lawn mower.)  No one is saying don’t be yourself, and let the awesome business that is yours shine through, but it’s a little hard when the first impression they get of you is not a good one.

Come on, in person, you are AWESOME! Smart, capable, knowledgeable, confidant.  You say the right things, have all the answers to their questions, you have it together in spades. And people are impressed.  Now they are talking about you.

Then they go to your website, or worse, they find out you don’t have one.  “How can he not have a website?” They ask. All of the sudden turning your very important first impression into a fizzled out, deflated experience.  Like a sad little balloon from a kids party that is weeks old.  Their opinion of you is hanging on, but only by a bit.Then the social networking conversation begins, (but I’m going to save that drama for another blog).

No one has to experience deflated party balloon syndrome.  Avoid this feeling with your potential clients by hiring me to make you look good.  It’s what I do.


All about Chemistry

Don’t fool yourself.  Chemistry is important.  I heard this great line from a comedian once, (and sorry guy, I don’t remember your name so I can give you proper full credit) that you it’s not the personality you are attracted to from across the room.

It’s the connection you feel, and that usually starts visually.  People are BOMBARDED by images, hundreds of them, daily.  From the LED billboards on the freeway to the staff photo from work.  (Which BTW unless everyone is doing funny poses, don’t be the girl up front with the, “look at me”, pose, because that’s what everyone will do, but for the wrong reasons.)

What image are you portraying?  How’s it working out for you?  Are you creating that image in their mind’s eye that you want to be portraying?  Are you the cool person that everyone is attracted to from across the room?  The person that everyone at the party wants to hang with or be seen with?  Or are you the person dancing by themselves in the corner?  (And if you are dancing by yourself, do you even know it?)

Fear not you lucky devil, I’m here to help.  We can find the business image for you that sticks in your customers minds and reminds them why they chose you over your competition.  (Because you rock and do a great job!)


How do I look?

It goes beyond your online presence.  It’s your brand, and even you!  How do you present yourself?  I know that after my “re-invention” in 2008 how people viewed me was very important.  I wanted to be taken seriously, but still be feminine.  It can be dificult for female owned business to strike that right balance.

I know that when my brother sent me “Tim Gunn’s 10 Essential Elements”  (everyone  needs a kind family member to tell you the things you need to know, but maybe don’t want to hear) I was kinda taken aback.  I mean a day dress? And skirts?  Living here in Arizona, I don’t know how I got by in the summer’s for as long as I did with out wearing these things.

So just remember, you work really hard so that your brand looks it’s best.  Don’t fall short by going to that business meeting in acid wash jeans and t-shirt.  It’s easier to show up to an event too dressy, and bring it down, than to try and dress up under-dressed. 🙂


Marketing in 2011

Instead of marketing to you customers, engage them.  Tell them a story.  Your story.  Use the tools available through social media and plain old socializing to pique your customers interest and make them feel invested in who you are.  The most successful companies are the ones that have get you so interested in their story, you start telling other people about them.

What does your company believe in?  What are you known for?  Is it what you want to be known for?   Answers to these questions are crucial in determining how you talk to people, what tone you use, how far you’ll go, and how much you are (or are not) comfortable sharing or doing.

So get out there!  Tell everyone your story, work it and you’ll see what that will do for you!



Lucky Devil Studios resurected in 2011

Well, after a BIG 2010, I am back from the dead and ready to go.  Call me, email me, get in touch with me to revamp, redo, revive your site.  I’m here for you, all you have to do is call. 602.492.4385.


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